Bowman, Foster & Associates increases Talent Pool

BFA expands Staff, Skill and Market Experience
During this past year we have increased our capacity with the addition of 9 personnel: 2 new Professional Engineers (PE), 2 new Engineers in Training (EIT), 2 new Senior Designers (from each discipline), 2 returning employees who are Designers (each discipline), and a AutoDesk Revit Design Professional; additionally, of the 9 new professionals 5 are USGB LEED BD+C certified, and 2 are certified GGP and GPCP. We’ve also added a new Certified Plumbing Designer. The new staff members represent more than 154 years of combined experience in a mixture of educational, residential, BCOM/state/municipal, sustainable, historical preservation, healthcare, commercial, industrial, and government design.

To learn more on how the impressive experience of our existing and new staff can help resolve your design needs visit our website or contact us.