Downtown Norfolk – Norfolk Reinvented

Bowman, Foster & Associates is a proud Norfolk based company!  We are excited to see the growth of Norfolk and can’t wait for it to finally ‘have it’s moment.’  Check out the great article and video below.

From Distinction HR Magazine (

“After years of striving for a comeback, the city’s downtown may finally be having its moment. The number of people living downtown has topped 5,000, which a study years ago pegged as the critical mass needed to sustain retail and restaurants in the city’s core. Figures today put the population at about 5,600.

In the past three years, more than 15 restaurants and bars have opened – or are in the process of opening – on Granby Street alone. Some are a product of turnover, and more are planned.

The main corridor now boasts an impressive array of businesses, including a vinyl record store and a 1920s-themed cocktail and piano bar. Saint Germain makes creative, high-dollar cocktails. Field Guide serves rice bowls at long communal tables, and the Barrel Room serves local craft beers.

The city has built several tiny urban parks in parking spaces scattered through the area. In the evenings, dog walkers fill the sidewalks, and on weekends, visitors bounce from taproom to shop to pub.

This level of activity is expected in hipster-laden Ghent, but not on the city streets next door.

“We’re making downtown sexy again,” says George Homewood, Norfolk’s planning director. “Some of it’s what the city’s doing, a lot of it is what the private market’s doing, but more of it is recognizing there’s a new generation.”

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