The Eiffel Tower goes Green!

Installing the turbines. Image: Urban Green Energy

In today’s society, the new concept people are striving for is green energy. Green energy is simply using the natural resources to create energy without the offset of pollution and waste… and now the majestic Eiffel Tower has made the jump and gone green! This recognizable worldwide icon has been equipped with wind turbines suspended 400 feet above the ground. These turbines were placed on the second level so they can capture the most possible wind to maximize the energy output. These two turbines were installed the old fashion way by using ropes and pulley systems while a team of people guided them all the way up. The whole installation process was relatively simple one as the installation team contracted for this project had previous experience working on the Tower; however, with that said the team still dealt with a few problems. One of those was being able to get the sixteen foot blades for the turbine up to the second level where the turbines would be placed. This became difficult because the workers had to deal with a pretty small range of room all the way up. The other problem the company dealt with was figuring out the proper way to secure the wind turbine to the tower because they were not building on a conventional building. Instead of the contractors using concrete to secure the motors, they built a steel foundation that was required to absorb any vibrations that may occur. With all the construction completed in February 2015, the turbines produce a small percentage of power needed to operate the tower, this is an excellent way to get more people around the world informed and involved in sustainable energy.


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