Tower Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air

Warka Water towers. Source:

People in the Ethiopia area are spending 40 billion hours per year trying to figure out how to collect clean drinking water.  This is a huge ongoing problem for the people that live in these areas because they are not able to get enough drinking water to survive. Well now there is a new solution to a problem that affects nearly one billion people in Africa:  Warka Water towers.  These inexpensive, about $500 USD, 30 foot tall vase looking structures can provide up to 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day.  The concept of producing clean drinking water is not a new technology, it is just improved tremendously.  The structure is made up of a biodegradable material and can be easily cleaned by one person.  In Africa there sometimes can be a 50 degree temperature change from day time to night time.  With that huge fluctuation the towers are built to collect the condensation in the mesh materials inside the towers and that is what produces the clean drinking water.  There are a few questions about the Warka Water towers like, if the towers can hold up in the sometimes extreme outside conditions.  Arturo Vittori, the inventor of these products, believes that the towers will hold up very well because they are built with a strong mesh material that is also biodegradable.  With that design it ensures that the towers will produce consistent clean drinking water for the people in the area.


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