Implement Master Plan and Systems Evaluation, Building 110, VA Medical Center, Hampton, VA
The goal was to devise a plan to prepare the building for future renovation projects that were cost effective, improved hospital efficiency and would extend the buildings utilization for the next 50 years.

Building 110 is only a small part of a much larger complex including Building 110A, 110B, 110C, 110D and 168. It is not practical to isolate Building 110, since there are many physical & system connections to the surrounding contiguous structures. Departments are blended across building separation lines and systems from one building serve and are serviced from spaces within the Building 110 Complex.

We did not graphically isolate Building 110 in our documents but showed portions of the adjacent buildings on each floor level to maintain visual and functional continuity. Due to the complexity of the project, It was critical to keep in mind what impact any action this project might have had on the other adjacent "Building Complex" or spaces therein.

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