Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering at Bowman, Foster & Associates focuses both on creating healthy and comfortable indoor environments for people, as well as on the generation and distribution of energy. In both these areas, we apply best practice mechanical engineering principles derived from the laws of thermodynamics, and we strive to find the most practical and sustainable design solutions. Within this fabric, we deliver designs tailored to maintainability, flexibility, life cycle, user staff resources, and requirements for redundancy. Energy modeling and life cycle cost analysis minimize costs and resource consumption.  Our mechanical engineers are committed to energy-efficient, sustainable designs that incorporate architectural and electrical features to leverage mechanical system efficiency.  Our solution-oriented team-based approach draws on a talented staff that includes LEED & Green Globes accredited professionals in key team leadership positions.

HVAC systems generally consume the highest amount of energy in comparison to other building systems. From study to design, initial phasing to construction, our mechanical engineers are determined to deliver a solution that integrates energy efficiency with indoor environment quality and thermal comfort through practical solutions.

Our long successful history of troubleshooting mechanical systems as well as HVAC design for system replacements and upgrades provide expertise in boiler & heating plants, chilled & condenser water plants, heat recovery systems, variable air volume systems, laboratory exhaust systems, kitchen exhaust systems, make-up air systems, dedicated outdoor air systems, negative pressure/isolation rooms, humidification systems, refrigeration systems, hydronic heating & cooling systems, steam heating systems, cleanroom systems, computer room air conditioning systems, natatorium dehumidification systems, heat pump systems, geothermal (ground-source) systems, combined heat and power systems, and energy management control systems.

Our team members are registered Professional Engineers in multiple states and the District of Columbia with experience in locations all over the continental US and abroad. We utilize the latest version of modern software suites in production: AutoCAD MEP/Revit 2022, CDS Trane Trace 700 and 3D Plus and Design Suite, Carrier eDesign Suite (HAP (Hourly Analysis Program)), DoE eQUEST and BLCC, Hands Down Psychrometric v7, McQuayTools, building simulation programs, as well as specialized selection software for vendors.  Services typically provided include:

  • Plumbing & Piping
  • Fire Protection
  • Process Piping
  • Control Systems
  • Thermal Storage
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Central Plant Designs
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Steam & Chilled Water Distribution
  • Energy and Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Building Energy Modeling
  • Sustainable Design Integration & Studies
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Instrumentation & Controls, and Building Automation Systems
  • Storage, Dispensing & Distribution of Specialty Gases (Lab, Medical, Etc.)