Electrical Engineering

Our engineering goal is to conceptualize and develop safe, reliable and effective electrical systems, with flexibility for growth and change – systems that can sustainably support the life and usefulness of buildings long into the future.  Whether large-scale government buildings, luxury multi-family, college/university, or historic landmark, electrical engineering companies are responsible for providing reliability and stability of system operations. From low, medium, to high voltage building service and distribution to backup power generators, studies, telecommunication, security, to lighting, and fire alarm systems, BFA’s electrical engineers deliver designs that leave you confident in building functionality.

As you decide who to hire for your next electrical project, your first concerns may be where to locate bulky electrical switchgear or how to choose lighting fixtures that meet code requirements and lend appeal to your finished space. We understand and we can help. We’ve solved many design puzzles over the years and Electrical Services are at the core of what we do best. 

Bowman, Foster & Associates was founded in 1961 under the name E. H. Bowman, Jr., Engineers. Initially, the firm provided only electrical engineering services for commercial customers. In 1972 the firm expanded into a consulting firm specializing in Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical engineering services–Electrical engineering is how BFA was founded, and something we are proud of excelling at performing 60 years later.

We design medium voltage and low voltage electrical power systems, lighting systems with the application of ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED energy conservation criteria (Visual). Our projects range from small renovations to entire campus distribution systems. Arc Flash studies utilize SKM PowerTools to evaluate various scenarios to develop, with our client, a preferred and safe solution. Clients rely on our diverse knowledge of power system protection and redundant power solutions when needed to meet mission-critical project objectives such as low, medium, and low-voltage electrical service connections; interior and exterior electrical distribution systems; emergency and back-up power generation systems; alternative energy system design; power system layouts; lighting system layouts; data, communication, and security systems; data collections systems; fire alarm and detection system design; short-circuit current calculations and arc flash hazard analysis accompanied with arc flash labels; and construction estimates.

Our team members are registered Professional Engineers in multiple states and the District of Columbia with experience in locations all over the continental US and abroad. We utilize the latest version of modern software suites in production: AutoCAD MEP/Revit 2022, AGI32 ElumTools, SKM PowerTools Suite (including Dapper/Captor, Arc Flash Evaluation, Equipment Evaluation, and Unbalanced/Single Phase Studies modules), Acuity Brands Visual, Visual Economic Tool 3.0, building simulation programs, as well as specialized selection software for vendors.  Services typically provided include:

  • Electrical Evaluation Services
  • Building Power
  • SCADA/DCS/PLC Systems
  • Fire, Life Safety and Security Systems
  • Energy Audit Services
  • Lightning Protection
  • Substations
  • Duct Banks
  • Power Distribution
  • Controls and Instrumentation
  • Solar and Wind Electric Power
  • Medical Nurse Call and School PA Systems
  • Alternate Energy and Green Power Systems
  • Power Conversion (Freq, AC/DC)
  • Emergency Power (GEN. & UPS)
  • Lighting (Interior, Exterior and Specialty)
  • Medium and Low Voltage Systems: up to 38kV
  • Systems Analysis – Short Circuit, Load Flow, Stability
  • Arc Flash & Coordination Studies with printed arc flash labels
  • Technology Systems (data center, audio/video, etc)
  • Telecommunications