Replace HVAC Radiology, Building 110A and 1-West Chaplain Service Area, Building 110, VA Medical Center, Hampton, VA
Originally, AHU-2 was designed to serve the Basement, 1st and 2nd Floor. The dual duct air handler (located in the 5th floor penthouse) only served heating and cooling loads for the second floor only. It also provided exhaust air for the basement floor as well as the second floor. Previously, the exhaust fan was not in operation. Over the years, past design projects had cut off the supply and return ductwork from the 1st floor and the basement. This project removed the existing AHU-2 and replaced it with indoor dual duct air handling unit that serves the second floor only. Provisions were made to install the unit into an existing mechanical room and provided DDC controls that tie into the front end servers basewide automation system.

Project also included field investigation to determine the size of the HVAC to be installed for Building 110, 1-West, Chaplain Service area. The Caplain’s Area was being served by floor mounted spot coolers. The spot coolers reject sufficient heat to the ceiling above. There is reason to believe that there was chilled and hot water available to utilize heating and cooling. Field investigation determined chilled water are available and provided fully ducted horizontal concealed four pipe fan coil units. Fan coil units utilized wall mounted standalone thermostats. Provided outside air in accordance with latest edition of ASHRAE 62 – Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.